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Analog Brothers - Pimp To Eat

Analog Brothers

Pimp To Eat

Ox blood & black vinyl.

Tracklist /
A1 - Analog Brother's Intro
A2 - Analog Technics
A3 - More Freaks
A4 - 2005
B1 - So Bad
B2 - Analog Annihilator Vrs. Silver Surfer
B3 - Perms Baldheads Afro's & Dred's
B4 - Who Wana Be Down
C1 - Country Girl
C2 - War
C3 - Double Back
D1 - We Sleep Days
D2 - Bionic Oldsmobile
D3 - Shut Down Show
D4 - Once I Get It
D5 - Analog Outro
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