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Dave Porter - Breaking Bad

Dave Porter

Breaking Bad

2xLP. Hot Topic exclusive housed in a gatefold polyvinyl sleeve. Edition of 2000 copies.

Tracklist /
A1 - Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (Extended)
A2 - Matches In The Pool
A3 - Smoking Jesse's Pot
A4 - Gray Matter
A5 - The Morning After
B6 - Three Days Out
B7 - Vent
B8 - Baby's Coming
B9 - Jane's Demise
B10 - The Cousins
C11 - Hank In Pursuit
C12 - The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg's Theme)
C13 - Searching For Jesse
C14 - Aztek
C15 - Four Corners / Waiting For The End
D16 - Jesse In Mexico
D17 - Crawl Space
D18 - Parking Garage Standoff
D19 - Cleaning House
D20 - Disassemble
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