Deceased - Demos From The Grave


Demos From The Grave

Blue / purple marble vinyl LP3.

Tracklist: - The Evil Side Of Religion
A1 - After The Bloodshed
A2 - Eaten By Disease
A3 - March Of The Cadavers
A4 - Gutwrench
A5 - Raw Explosions
A6 - Sick Thrash
A7 - Mentally Ill
B1 - The Cemetery's Full
B2 - Funeral Of Gore
- Birth By Radiation
B3 - Birth By Radiation
B4 - Vomiting Blood
B5 - Virus
B6 - Hallucinating Mutants
B7 - Haunted Cerebellum (Live)
C1 - Worship The Coffin
C2 - Immune To Burial
C3 - Decrepit Coma
C4 - Deformed Tomorrows
- Nuclear Exorcist
D1 - Nuclear Exorcist
D2 - Shrieks From The Hearse
D3 - A Trip To The Morgue
D4 - Below The Tombstone
D5 - Planet Graveyard
E1 - Futuristic Doom
E2 - Haunted Cerebellum
- 1989 Rehearsal
E3 - Worship The Coffin
E4 - Sick Thrash
E5 - Below The Tombstone
F1 - After The Bloodshed
F2 - Decrepit Coma
F3 - Birth By Radiation
F4 - Futuristic Doom
F5 - Shrieks From The Hearse
F6 - The Cemetery's Full
F7 - Vomiting Blood
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