Colored Vinyl Records
Joy Electric - Melody

Joy Electric


Red vinyl.

Tracklist /
A1 - Drum Machine Joy
A2 - The Electric Joy Toy Company
A3 - Candy Cane Carriage
A4 - Analogue Grand Diary
B5 - Every Boy And Girl Falls In Love
B6 - The Girl From Rosewood Lane
B7 - Sweet Sweet Charity
B8 - The Melody Book
B9 - Life Guardian Twenty
C10 - In Love In Midsummer
C11 - Never Be A Star
C12 - Old At This Young
C13 - Of Stories And Love
C14 - Happiness And Life
D15 - Lily Pad The Forest Our Home
D16 - Bee Hoping
D17 - The Dark Ages
D18 - Buttercup Fairy Jamboree
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