Monster Rally & Jay Stone - Foreign Pedestrians

Jay Stone, Monster Rally

Foreign Pedestrians

Opaque purple vinyl, limited to 400 copies.

Tracklist: A1 - Lake Merritt
A2 - Permeate / No Cilantro
A3 - Recollection
A4 - Melancholy
A5 - Cognac
A6 - Mr. F.T.S.
A7 - Parthenogenesis
B1 - Lake Merritt (Instrumental)
B2 - Permeate / No Cilantro (Instrumental)
B3 - Recollection (Instrumental)
B4 - Melancholy (Instrumental)
B5 - Cognac (Instrumental)
B6 - Mr. F.T.S. (Instrumental)
B7 - Parthenogenesis (Instrumental)
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