Mac Quayle - Mr Robot Vol.3 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

Mac Quayle

Mr Robot Vol.3 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

  • - Translucent red vinyl.
  • - Lakeshore webstore exclusive red/black splatter vinyl.
  • - Clear with white and red splatter vinyl.
Release date: Dec 8, 2017
12" Album / Lakeshore Records, Invada Records / Soundtrack, Electronic

Following on from last year's Mr Robot Volume 1 and Volume 2, Lakeshore Records and Invada Records will release the third volume of the Mr. Robot, on a few different colored variants. Mac Quayle's ongoing score to the hit series Mr. Robot delivers more hypnotic soundscapes for paranoid hacker adventures. This is volume 3 of the soundtrack and includes more unsettling synths, sparse rhythms, and dark ambient moods that bring the world of Elliot and Evil Corp.

Tracklist: Side A:
01. 2.0_1-s4ve-the-w0rld.act
02. 2.0_2-FuxSocy.sln
03. 2.0_3-j0urnaling.iv
04. 2.0_4-control-1s-an-illusion.amr
05. 2.0_5-infiniteloop0finsanity.vox
06. 2.0_6-madame3xecutioner.oga

Side B:
07. 2.0_7-jester-actual.dss
08. 2.0_8-confid3nce.dct
09. 2.0_9-unexpectedpresents.m4b
10. 2.0_10-masktakesover.sln
11. 2.0_11-music-b0x.mmf
12. 2.1_1-prisoner-of-paranoia.ivs

Side C:
13. 2.2_1-hidinginplainsight.awb
14. 2.2_2-annihil4tion.dct
15. 2.2_3-existence.opus
16. 2.2_4-mightbe0wned.tta
17. 2.2_5-divinity.iklax

Side D:
18. 2.3_1-steel-v4lley.webm
19. 2.3_2-di3with4nswers.dvf
20. 2.3_3-fuckgutinstinct.act
21. 2.3_4-midland-city.oga
22. 2.3_5-pun1shm3nt.ape
23. 2.4_1-heartworm.3gp
24. 2.4_2-m4ster-s1ave.msv
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