Turnover - Good Nature


Good Nature

  • - Blue / yellow / red tri-color vinyl.
  • - Half pink / half green with black splatters vinyl.
  • - Hot pink vinyl.
  • - Clear vinyl with pink and green splatters.
Release date: Aug 25, 2017
12" Album / Run For Cover / Indie rock, Alternative

Front man Austin Getz doesn’t blink when asked to sum up Turnover’s third full-length, Good Nature. “Learning,” he replies. “This whole record is about learning. Opening your eyes to new things, going outside of your comfort zone, and learning to grow into something new.”

The album’s unique blend of musical and spiritual growth is immediately audible on the opening track, “Super Natural,” a late-summer idyll of intertwined guitar parts and laidback vocals. Listening to how the leisurely “Nightlight Girl” melts into a more propulsive selection like “Breeze,” and the way Good Nature flows together as a seamless whole, it’s also evident that the foursome has been paying closer attention to how artists from earlier eras made full-length albums: the range of textures, tempos, and dynamics on Good Nature are infuenced in part by bossa nova, cool jazz, electronic music, and psychedelic grooves. This infux of new infuences and inspiration, navigated by Peripheral Vision producer Will Yip, results in the band’s best album to date. Good Nature comes from a place of calm and contentment, nurtured by looking inward.

The Deluxe Edition of Turnover's Good Nature is the most comprehensive Run For Cover release so far. This expanded vinyl release features:
- Heavy duty LP-sized hardcover book
- Clear vinyl with hot pink and green splatter
- 60 pages of exclusive photos, lyrics and artwork
- Full album digital download

Below you can listen to the new album's opening track "Super Natural".

Tracklist: 1. Super Natural
2. Sunshine Type
3. What Got in the Way
4. Butterfly Dream
5. Curiosity
6. Pure Devotion
7. Nightlight Girl
8. Breeze
9. All That It Ever Was
10. Living Small
11. Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)
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