Wisdom In Chains & Cold Ground - Wisdom In Chains / Cold Ground

Cold Ground, Wisdom In Chains

Wisdom In Chains / Cold Ground

Purple and white swirl vinyl limited to 360 copies. 50 available through Fast Break Records.

Tracklist: A1 - When We Were Young
A2 - Last Thoughts
A3 - Chasing The Dragon
A4 - Back To The Ocean
A5 - Smash Your Face
A6 - Land Of Kings
A7 - Cap City
A8 - Girls Lie, Cops Lie, Dogs Love
B1 - The Sixth Estate
B2 - Cannot Cut Me Down
B3 - Mutt
B4 - Dreams Of Dust
B5 - Ego Trip
B6 - Forgotten
B7 - Masters Of Mine
B8 - Endless Days
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