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Showcase of over 2,500 colored vinyl, picture discs, collector items & special pressings.


Coloredvinylrecords.com was created for the love of vinyl, particularly for its colored, collectible variants.

Although we have all seen and heard a lot of arguments on the subject of difference in sound quality between colored and regular black vinyl, we're not here to settle the debate. Setting this aside, I guess we could all agree that colored vinyl pressings look good and are a lot of fun. In the end, no matter the color, records are a unique collectable form of music and offer a better listening experience than other modern formats. That's why, in spite of the popularity of MP3s, CDs and DVDs, vinyl has survived and is having its revival.

Coloredvinylrecords.com is not a shop, we don't sell any of the records presented on the site. What you'll find here is a showcase of colored vinyl and picture discs, with the possibility to search and browse through hundreds of records by color, type, format, genre, music style, artist, label and year of release. Every showcased record has a link to the Discogs page of the release, where you can find additional info and buying options on their Marketplace.

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For any other info or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us through our Facebook page or Twitter.


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