Bear McCreary - God Of War

Bear McCreary

God Of War

Blue & light blue swirl with clear splatter vinyl (Disc 1)
Tracklist: A1 - God Of War
A2 - Memories Of Mother
A3 - Witch Of The Woods
A4 - Lullaby Of The Giants
A5 - Ashes
B1 - Peaks Pass
B2 - A Giant's Prayer
B3 - The Dragon
B4 - Mimir
B5 - Magni and Modi
B6 - Echoes Of An Old Life
B7 - Helheim
C1 - The Healing
C2 - The Reach Of Your Godhood
C3 - Stone Mason
C4 - Valkyries
C5 - Deliverance
D1 - Salvation
D2 - The Ninth Realm
D3 - The Summit
D4 - Epilogue

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