Black Army Jacket - 222

Black Army Jacket


100 copies pressed on red vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Meow Meow Meow
A2 - Lightswitch
A3 - Multimedia Infantilization
A4 - Primitive Crawl
A5 - Saccadic Eye Movement
A6 - Distance
A7 - When I Can't See You Are You There?
A8 - Of Competing Importance
A9 - Dantam (Bonus Track)
A10 - Lying Between The Tigris And The Euphrates (Bonus Track)
B1 - Empire Of Tears
B2 - Dripping
B3 - I Object
B4 - Sera
B5 - U68
B6 - Deathache
B7 - I've Seen You Completely
B8 - Olive Branch

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