Bruce Broughton -The Monster Squad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bruce Broughton

The Monster Squad (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Amulet green vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Main Title / The Van Helsing Prologue
A2 - Scary German Guy / Bat In The Hold
A3 - Let It Begin
A4 - Lock Me Up! / Wolfman Wakes Up
A5 - Monster Music
A6 - Class Reunion
B7 - Mr. Alucard
B8 - Mummy’s Gone / Making Plans / Phoebe Meets Frank
B9 - Van Helsing’s Diary / Monsters
B10 - Walking Dead Guy
B11 - Scary Mask
B12 - Rock Until You Drop
B13 - The Old Wolfman Ruse / Not Clark Kent / Twinkie Creature
C14 - At The Mansion / On All Sides
C15 - Recovering The Amulet
C16 - Goodbye Band Aid Breath
C17 - At Sean’s House
C18 - The Vampire Killed / Kill A Wolfman
D19 - Creature Carnage
D20 - Phoebe And The Count / The Final Vortex
D21 - End Credits
D22 - Monster Squad Rap

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