Bruno Coulais -Coraline (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Bruno Coulais

Coraline (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

2XLP limited edition, 180g black & white swirl vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - End Credits
A2 - Dreaming
A3 - Installation
A4 - Wybie
A5 - Exploration
A6 - Other Father Song
A7 - The Supper
A8 - Bobinsky
B1 - Fantastic Garden
B2 - Coraline Fly
B3 - Trap For The Mices
B4 - Mice Circus
B5 - Dreams Are Dangerous
B6 - Coraline, Film Score
B7 - In The Bed
B8 - Spink And Forcible
B9 - It Was Fantastic
B10 - Ghost Children
C1 - Let's Go
C2 - Playing Piano
C3 - Wybie That Talks
C4 - Cocobeetles
C5 - Alone
C6 - Dangerous Garden
C7 - Reunion
C8 - Coraline Dispair
C9 - The Theater
D1 - The Famous Mister B
D2 - You Know I Love You
D3 - Mechanical Lullaby
D4 - The Hand
D5 - The Party

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