Christophe Beck - Edge Of Tomorrow (OST)

Christophe Beck

Edge Of Tomorrow (OST)

180 gram Omega edition, translucent blue with heavy white and black splatter vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Angel Of Verdun (Main Titles)
A2 - No Courage Without Fear
A3 - D-Day
A4 - Mimics And Alphas
A5 - PT
A6 - Find Me When You Wake Up
A7 - Navigating The Beach
A8 - Winning The War
A9 - Combat Training
A10 - Deadweight
A11 - Again!
A12 - Solo Flight
B13 - Decoy
B14 - Whitehall
B15 - Uncharted Territory
B16 - I'm Out
B17 - They Know We're Coming
B18 - Caged In
B19 - Ritaliation
B20 - The Omega
B21 - Welcome To London, Major
B22 - Live, Die, Repeat (End Titles)

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