Danny Elfman -Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Danny Elfman

Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Green opaque swirl vinyl.
Tracklist:A1 - Everybody Knows
A2 - The Justice League Theme - Logos
A3 - Hero's Theme
A4 - Batman On The Roof
A5 - Enter Cyborg
A6 - Wonder Woman Rescue
A7 - Hippolyta's Arrow
B1 - The Story of Steppenwolf
B2 - The Amazon Mother Box
B3 - Cyborg Meets Diana
B4 - Aquaman in Atlantis
B5 - Then There Were Three
B6 - The Tunnel Fight
C1 - The World Needs Superman
C2 - Spark Of The Flash
C3 - Friends and Foes
C4 - Justice League United
C5 - Home
C6 - Bruce and Diana
C7 - The Final Battle
D1 - A New Hope
D2 - Anti-Hero's Theme
D3 - Come Together
D4 - Icky Thimp

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