David Newman -Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Original Motion Picture Score)

David Newman

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Original Motion Picture Score)

ThinkGeek exclusive variant, blue ans pink split vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Tracklist:A1 - History Lesson
A2 - Future Bill & Ted Leave
A3 - Rufus Lands
A4 - A Lot More Than That
A5 - Austria, 1805
A6 - Short Dead Dude
A7 - Old West
A8 - Saloon Tack Piano
A9 - Billy The Kid
A10 - Brawl And Ancient Greece
A11 - Medieval England
B12 - Meet The Princesses
B13 - Execute Them!
B14 - Bag Freud
B15 - Prehistoric Pit-Stop
B16 - Thanks, Rufus
B17 - Napoleon Hesitates
B18 - Mall Mayhem
B19 - Wild Speech Montage
B20 - Jailbreak
B21 - America The Beautiful
B22 - Thank You San Dimas High

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