Explosivo! -If The Devil Had A Guitar...


If The Devil Had A Guitar...

400 copies pressed on "mixed color vinyl". Another 100 copies were pressed on glow in the dark vinyl.
Tracklist: A1 - Hey Man, What The Fuck?
A2 - I Don't Think The Ranger's Gonna Like This One
A3 - ...It Was The Most I Ever Threw Up, The End.
A4 - I'm The Devil And I'm Tiny
A5 - Rosenthal: Rome Will Fall
A6 - Metallica Died With Cliff Burton
B1 - How Rock 'N Roll Saved My Life (Summer Of '96)
B2 - Futuristic Robot Sex In The Year 2001
B3 - Fuckin' Shit's Right Buddy
B4 - You're The Reason I Do Drugs
B5 - Her And Me (Not A Love Song)

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