Jukio Kallio - Nuclear Throne Original Soundtrack

Jukio Kallio

Nuclear Throne Original Soundtrack

2xLP gatefold album of the Nuclear Throne video game soundtrack. Cover has die cut of nuclear container to expose printed sleeve inside. Disc 1 is green and silver "nuclear sludge." Disc 2 is a picture disc featuring portraits of character from the game.
Tracklist: A1 - Legend Of The Throne
A2 - Fläshyn
A3 - Biggest Bandit
A4 - Groundwork Of The Past
A5 - Mt. Rubble
A6 - Dogs
A7 - After Bloodshed
A8 - Crystallized Fear
A9 - Frozen City
A10 - The One They Left Behind
B11 - Where They Were Changed
B12 - Place of Power
B13 - Nuclear Throne
B14 - This Is It
B15 - Beyond The Portal
B16 - Captain
B17 - Kings And Queens Of Wasteland
B18 - Campfire
C19 - A Way
C20 - Lament Of A Mother
C21 - Secret Entrance
C22 - Mind Killer
C23 - Vault
C24 - Guardians Of The Crown
C25 - Ode
C26 - Machine God
C27 - Come So Far
C28 - The Place I Once Called Home
C29 - Cursed Killer
D30 - Under Water
D31 - What's That Smell
D32 - Venus Mansion
D33 - Is This Happening
D34 - So Green
D35 - Where The Guns At
D102 - Bonus: Lament Of A Mother (Alternative Version)
D103 - Bonus: Secret Entrance (Trailer Version)

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