New releases // Jul 26, 2016


Rain Temple

  • Clear vinyl limited to 1,000 copies. 2xLP
RELEASE DATE // Jul 26, 2016
12" Album / Dream Catalogue / Ambient, Electronic, Experimental
"2814 are one of the most innovative musical acts in recent memory. Blending breathtaking ambient soundscapes and futuristic downtempo experiments with a gorgeous sense of electronic melancholy and urban atmosphere, the ever­-elusive duo’s sound is defined by their brilliant adoration for warped, hypnagogic nostalgia and the simultaneous outlook into a futuristic dystopian setting – a winning combination of loss and optimism translated through a heavily altered new age lens. Rain Temple, their third full­-length album, represents a new chapter in 2814′s sound: sprawling synth drones, beautifully distant vocals, swirling percussion, and an ethereal sonic aura tie together a simply masterful record. HKE and t e l e p a t h have once again created a stunning artistic statement that exceeds expectation and goes far beyond most modern ambient music, reminding us that beyond our late night somber and eternal wonder, we all remain." - words by Marcel Foley
Tracklist: 1. Before The Rain
2. Eyes Of The Temple
3. Lost In A Dream
4. Guided By Love
5. Transference
6. This Body
7. Contact
8. Inside The Sphere

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