New releases // Aug 6, 2021

2nd Grade

Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited

  • Red Vinyl
RELEASE DATE // August 6, 2021
12" Album / Double Double Whammy / Rock, Pop
A dual collection of the band's remastered 2018 demo tape ("Wish You Were Here Tour"), and a handful of reworked studio versions (2021) of standouts from the same release. Presented as a 23 track album, "Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited" is a document of a rising band's past, present, and future.
Tracklist: 1. As Long As We Can Talk About It
2. Favorite Song
3. Wish You Were Here Tour
4. Superglue
5. The Bad Boys of Rock & Roll
6. No More Parties
7. Work Til I Die
8. Kick in the Head
9. Held Back
10. Favorite Song (Demo)
11. No More Parties (Demo)
12. There's Something I Should Tell You (Demo)
13. Bad Idea (Demo)
14. Smart Enough (Demo)
15. Knock Knock (Demo)
16. Wish You Were Here Tour (Demo)
17. As Long As We Can Talk About It (Demo)
18. Work Til I Die (Demo)
19. Superglue (Demo)
20. I'm an Old Dog (Demo)
21. Held Back (Demo)
22. Kick in the Head (Demo)
23. Communication Breakdown

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