New releases //Apr 9, 2021


Norwegian Gothic (2xLP)

  • Feel It On Edition, limited to 333
  • Hallucinational Edition, limited to 150,
  • Hard Love Edition, limited to 333,
  • Black
RELEASE DATE // April 9, 2021
12"Album /Pelagic Records
“Norwegian Gothic is the culmination of everything Årabrot has done musically the past 10 years. It is not only the climax of the band so far, but also a good indication of what to come. It is basically an amalgamation of all of our influences here in the church where we live. Musically it is inspired by all the albums of our record collection and thematically by the books we have in our shelves. More specifically it is our special brand of rock’n’roll music mixed with fin-de-siecle decadence, surrealism and even a pinch of old German philosophy to boot.”
Tracklist:1. Carnival Of Love
2. The Rule Of Silence
3. Feel It On
4. The Lie
5. The Crows
6. Kinks Of The Heart
7. Hailstones For Rain
8. The Voice
9. (this Is) The Night
10. Hard Love
11. Impact Heavily Onto The Concrete
12. Hounds Of Heaven
13. Deadlock
14. The Moon Is Dead
15. You're Not That Special

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