New releases // Nov 10, 2023

Baby Queen

Quarter Life Crisis

  • Clear/Purple Marble Vinyl; Alternate Cover
November 10, 2023
12" Album / Island
Following the singles "Dream Girl" and "We Can Be Anything," Baby Queen is ready to release her debut album, Quarter Life Crisis. Having spent the better part of the 2020s taking over London's anti-pop scene and writing songs for a generation falling out of love with social media that transformed her into the genre's reigning star, Baby Queen is discovering a more grounded and introspective side of herself, leading to some of the most pure, excellent and affecting music of her life so far.
  • 1. We Can Be Anything
  • 2. kid genius
  • 3. Dream Girl
  • 4. i can’t get my shit together
  • 5. Love Killer
  • 6. Grow Up
  • 7. Quarter Life Crisis
  • 8. Die Alone
  • 9. Obvious
  • 10. 23
  • 11. every time i get high
  • 12. a letter to myself at 17

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