New releases // Nov 11, 2016

Balkan Beat Box

Shout It Out

  • Limited edition orange vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Nov 11, 2016
12" Album / Digital Monkey / Funk, Beats, Hip-hop
Israeli born artists Tamir Muskat, Ori Kaplan, Tomer Yosef met in Brooklyn's underground in the mid- 2000s and ignited the world with the outspoken formidable live act Balkan Beat Box. Combining Eastern European styles with dancehall, reggae, exotic brass, earth shattering bass and experimental electronics. The 5th album ''Shout It Out'', recorded in their second studio Vibromonk East Tel Aviv, is another evolution with new influences from ghettotech, bluegrass, hip hop and pop.
Tracklist: 1. Give It A Tone
2. I Trusted U
3. Shout It Out
4. Chin Chin
5. I'll Watch Myself
6. Just The Same
7. Hard Worker
8. Mad Dog
9. Mad Dog (Chaser)
10. Kum Kum feat. A-WA
11. This Town
12. This Town (Chaser)

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