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Give Me The Future & Dreams Of The Past

  • Limited clear with orange & green splatter colored vinyl vinyl. 2xLP
September 2, 2022
12" Album / Emi / Rock, Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Earlier this year Bastille released their hotly anticipated No.1 album, "Give Me The Future", a record that explores a futuristic wonderland free from restrictions. The album embraces a new wave of technology, which enables us to get lost inside our imagination and travel back and forward in time to be anyone or do anything. Now, the band are adding a further instalment to this critically acclaimed release, sharing a three-part extended edition of the album, dubbed "Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past" featuring another album's worth of new songs, collaborations, covers and reprises.
  • 1. Distorted Light Beam (Give Me the Future)
  • 2. Thelma + Louise (Give Me the Future)
  • 3. No Bad Days (Give Me the Future)
  • 4. Brave New World (Interlude) [Give Me the Future]
  • 5. Back to the Future (Give Me the Future)
  • 6. Plug in... (Give Me the Future)
  • 7. Promises (By Riz Ahmed) [Give Me the Future]
  • 8. Shut Off the Lights (Give Me the Future)
  • 9. Stay Awake? (Give Me the Future)
  • 10. Give Me the Future (Give Me the Future)
  • 11. Club 57 (Give Me the Future)
  • 12. Total Dissociation (Interlude) [Give Me the Future]
  • 13. Future Holds (Feat. Bim) [Give Me the Future]
  • 14. Back to the Innerverse (Interlude) [Dreams of the Past]
  • 15. Real Life (Dreams of the Past)
  • 16. Family Ties (Dreams of the Past)
  • 17. Distorted Light Beam (Reprise) [Dreams of the Past]
  • 18. Revolution (Dreams of the Past)
  • 19. Survivin' (Dreams of the Past)
  • 20. No More Bad Days (Dreams of the Past)
  • 21. Hope for the Future (Dreams of the Past)
  • 22. Other People's Heartache (Interlude) [Other People's Heartache]
  • 23. Run Into Trouble (Other People's Heartache)
  • 24. Remind Me (Other People's Heartache)
  • 25. Eight Hours (Other People's Heartache)
  • 26. Dancing in the Dark (Other People's Heartache)
  • 27. Running Away (Other People's Heartache)

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