New releases // Apr 24, 2020


Shadow Offering

  • Opaque red vinyl
RELEASE DATE // April 24, 2020
12" Album / Secret City Records / Alternative Rock
A luscious and expansive release, Shadow Offering leads us through a sonic tapestry of narrative. With heart-breaking honesty and precision, listeners traverse a nuanced and complicated world: one full of beautiful contradiction. Although the album directs itself at the failures of people to love and be loved, it also seeks to restore justice and attain blissful union. Its arc crests through the dark towards the light and learns how to dance with the dizzying rhythms of the heart. The songs bubble, sustain, dissolve, expand, retract.
Tracklist: 1. Here 4 U
2. Young Buck by Braids
3. Eclipse (Ashley)
4. Just Let Me
5. Upheaval II
6. Fear Of Men
7. Snow Angel
8. Ocean
9. Note To Self

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