New releases // Nov 3, 2017

Brian May

Mad Max (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

  • Newbury Comics exclusive red & gray haze vinyl, limited to 750 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Nov 3, 2017
12" Album / Varese Sarabande / Soundtrack, Electronic
The original motion picture soundtrack from the 1979 classic Mad Max, composed by and conducted by Brian May.
Tracklist: 1. Main Title
2. Max The Hunter
3. Max Decides On Vengence
4. The Final Chase
5. The Terrible Death Of Jim Goose
6. We'll Give 'Em Back Their Heroes
7. Pain And Triumph
8. Dazed Goose
9. Foreboding In The Vast Landscape
10. Declaration Of War
11. Flight From The Evil Toecutter
12. Pursuit And Tragedy
13. Jesse Alone, Uneasy And Exhausted
14. The Beach House
15. The Nightriders Rave
16. Jesse Searches For Her Child
17. Rampage Of The Toecutter
18. The Crazing Of Johnny The Boy

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