New releases // Aug 14, 2020


Minecraft (Turntable Lab Exclusive Album Pack)

  • Green and red splatter vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Aug 14, 2020
12" Album / Ghostly International / Soundtrack
C418's timeless soundtrack to the hit video game Minecraft finally makes it to the vinyl format thanks to the good folks at Ghostly International. German composer Daniel Rosenfeld (aka C418) originally released this brilliant piece of work digitally back in 2011, and it has since become a cult favorite (along with the game, which is now the most popular and best-selling game of all time). The spacious and dreamy soundscapes are the perfect backdrop to the games endless creative possibilites.

Volume Alpha contains the first half of the soundtrack, with the second half available on Volume Beta. 12 tracks in all - not just for fans of the game, but for anyone who loves ambient, neo-classical, or minimal music.

Each variant is a limited one-time colored vinyl pressing exclusively available from Turntable Lab.
Tracklist: Alpha:
1. Subwoofer Lullaby
2. Living Mice
3. Moog City
4. Haggstrom
5. Minecraft
6. Clark
7. Mice On Venus
8. Dry Hands
9. Wet Hands
10. Sweden
11. Cat
12. Danny

1. Ki
2. Alpha
3. Blind Spots
4. Moog City 2
5. Biome Fest
6. Mutation
7. Aria Math
8. Kyoto
9. Taswell
10. Beginning 2
11. The End
12. Chirp
13. Mellohi
14. Stal
15. Eleven
16. Far
17. Intro

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