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Cage The Elephant

Social Cues

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RELEASE DATE // Apr 19, 2019
12" Album / RCA / Rock, Alternative
Social Cues is the fifth studio album from Kentucky sextet Cage The Elephant. Recorded in Nashville and L.A. with seasoned producer John Hill (Florence And The Machine, Portugal The Man) and featuring a collaboration with Beck, the album is a notable leap forward - no small feat for a band who calls Dave Grohl their backup drummer. Dealing with a breakup and taking inspiration from the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Darren Aronofsky, frontman Matt Shultz speaks through characters in order to tell different parts of his story: “It can be a vehicle to act out things that are hard to confront.”
Tracklist: 1. Broken Boy
2. Social Cues
3. Black Madonna
4. Night Running
5. Skin And Bones
6. Ready To Let Go
7. House Of Glass
8. Loves The Only Way
9. The War Is Over
10. Dance Dance
11. What Im Becoming
12. Tokyo Smoke
13. Goodbye

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