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RELEASE DATE // Jun 15, 2018
12" Album / Royal Mountain / Rock, Pop rock
Calpurnia’s Scout LP is jam-packed with classic California garage rock tunes, six tightly-crafted songs bathed in nostalgia and coastal sunshine. The band also happens to feature Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard as frontman. Wolfhard may be young, but he certainly knows his stuff, creating smart, catchy indie tracks that would fit in well amongst the Diiv, Real Estate, and Mac DeMarco on your record shelf. Produced by Cadien Lake James of indie fellow travelers Twin Peaks, standout tracks include the melancholy “Greyhound,” instant ear worm “City Boy,” and dreamy “Louie.”
Tracklist: 1. Louie
2. Wasting Time
3. Greyhound
4. City Boy
5. Blame
6. Waves

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