New releases // May 1, 2020

Chicano Batman

Invisible People

  • Indie exclusive white vinyl
RELEASE DATE // May 1, 2020
12" Album / ATO Records / Rock, Pop
Mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Shawn Everett, the 12-song set accentuates Chicano Batman's high spirited synthesis of tropicália, west coast psych & late-'60s/early-'70s soul. The album’s message in particular is incredibly resonant, effectively serving as a statement of hope with its title reflecting all of humanity; despite race, class, or gender, differences can be overcome and people can stand together." - ATO Records
Tracklist: 1. Color my life
2. Blank Slate
3. I Know It
4. Invisible People
5. Manuel’s Story
6. Moment of Joy
7. Pink Elephant
8. Polymetronomic Harmony
9. The Way
10. The Prophet
11. Bella
12. Wounds

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