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Mellow Waves

  • Limited edition white with black splatter vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Jan 26, 2018
12" Album / Rostrum Records / Electronic, Rock
Cornelius is the brainchild of Japanese multi-instrumentalist Keigo Oyamada. He created the alter-ego in the early-90s from the ashes of his previous project, Flipper's Guitar. With 1997's Fantasma, Cornelius gained international recognition for his cut and paste style reminiscent of American counterparts Beck and the Beastie Boys. Being called a "modern day Brian Wilson" for his orchestral-style arrangements and production techniques, Cornelius subsequently became one of the most sought after producer/remixers in the world, working with a wide range of artists including Blur, Bloc Party, MGMT, and James Brown.

Keigo Oyamada returns in early-2018 with his meditative sixth full-length album Mellow Waves, the first proper studio release under the Cornelius moniker in over eleven years. "One second, we're careening through mathy guitar pop reminiscent of fellow Tokyo residents Toe on "Somewhere / Someplace," the next, we're in the midst of "Surfing on Mind Wave Pt. 2"'s six minutes of blissful ambience," reveals Merry Jane Media. "By the album's end, you'll have heard soaring pop choruses, robot-voiced grooves, samba rhythms, and some of the finest acoustic guitar/synth pairings in recent memory."
Tracklist: 1. If You're Here
2. Sometime / Someplace
3. Dear Future Person
4. Surfing On Mind Wave Pt. 2
5. In A Dream
6. Helix / Spiral
7. Mellow Yellow Feel
8. The Spell Of A Vanishing Loveliness
9. The Rain Song
10. Crépuscule

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