New releases // Mar 29, 2019


Ocean Hug

  • Hand-numbered white vinyl, limited to 532 copies
RELEASE DATE // Mar 29, 2019
12" Album / Joyful Noise Recordings / Rock, Alternative, Indie
There is a magic earnestness in Coughy’s music. So much music these days is so desperately trying to achieve something... The majority of bands seem to be formed with the intention of attaining a particular “sound” before the first note has even been played... Not these guys. This is straight from the playful heart of creation. Which doesn’t mean they exist in a vacuum without influences. These guys clearly come from the world of lo-fi indie rock, and it shows. But I think the fact that they both already have their “real bands” freed them up to do whatever they wanted with this music, free of consequence. - via Joyful Noise
Tracklist: 1. F
2. G
3. N
4. V
5. P
6. O
7. T
8. E
9. M
10. L
11. I
12. H
13. K
14. B
15. X
16. U
17. A
18. W
19. S
20. C

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