New releases // Apr 30, 2021


Ice Melt

  • Turntable Lab exclusive, coke bottle clear vinyl, limited to 300 copies.
RELEASE DATE // April 30, 2021
12" Album / Crumb Records / Psych-rock
"Ramani characterizes the album as a 'return back down to earth,' a deeply felt examination of 'real substances and beings that live on this planet.' It is also the cultivation of road-worn musicians exploring brand-new sounds and thematic concepts, pushing themselves into territory they could never have anticipated five years ago."
Tracklist: 1. Up & Down
2. BNR
3. Seeds
4. L.A.
5. Gone
6. Retreat!
7. Trophy
8. Balloon
9. Tunnel (all that you had)
10. Ice Melt

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