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  • Indie exclusive translucent yellow vinyl. 2xLP
RELEASE DATE // Jun 22, 2018
12" Album / HUB Records / Rock, Folk-rock
Sixth studio album from los angeles four-piece Dawes. For Passwords, the band chose to work again with Jonathan Wilson, who produced the first two Dawes records: North Hills and Nothing Is Wrong. Passwords sports a classic four-piece rock & roll sound; a result of Wilson insisting on recording the band live, rather than track by track. Frontman Taylor Goldsmith explains the album's concept: "Many of these songs are an attempt to come to terms with the modern world, while always trying to consider both sides of the story… Songs can be passwords because they’re a means of giving access to someone else’s perspective, thereby elaborating your own.” Indie-exclusive clear yellow double vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve.
Tracklist: 1. Living In The Future
2. Stay Down
3. Crack The Case
4. Feed The Fire
5. My Greatest Invention
6. Telescope
7. I Can’t Love
8. Mistakes We Should Have Made
9. Never Gonna Say Goodbye
10. Time Flies Either Way

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