New releases // Nov 10, 2023

Drop Nineteens

Hard Light

  • Crystal Vinyl
November 10, 2023
12" Album / Wharf Cat Records
The band's stunning third record, a proverbial follow up to Delaware, a modern Drop Nineteens record that is completely singular in it's sound and vision. The first task making Hard Light was, of course, getting the rest of the band back together. Drop Nineteens is an inherently collaborative project. Ackell writes the lyrics, and he works with band members Steve Zimmerman, Paula Kelley, Motohiro Yasue, and Peter Koeplin to create the sonic world. The record came together over the course of a year, recording at a patchwork of studios all around the country: Boston, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles. When Kelley and Ackell first heard their vocals recorded together on the opus album closer "T", the chemistry was undeniable.
  • 1. Hard Light
  • 2. Scapa Flow
  • 3. Gal
  • 4. Tarantula
  • 5. The Price Was High
  • 6. Rose with Smoke
  • 7. A Hitch
  • 8. Lookout
  • 9. Another One Another
  • 10. Policeman Getting Lost
  • 11. T

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