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Electric Wizard

Witchcult Today

  • Purple vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Jun 22, 2018
12" Album / Rise Above Records / Rock, Stoner rock
Witchcult Today is the 6th studio album from Dorset, England's doom metal outfit Electric Wizard. Originally released in 2007, this is the second project post the departure of two of the three founding members, with Jus Oborn handling the vocals while his life Liz Buckingham plays second guitar. Recorded in Toerag studios using vintage equipment, the sound is dark with crushing guitar riffs, druggy vocals, and heavy grooves. Check out: "Satanic Rites of Drugula," "Dunwich," and "Witchcult Today."
Tracklist: 1. Witchcult Today
2. Dunwich
3. Satanic Rights Of Drugula
4. Raptus
5. Chosen Few
6. Torquemada '71
7. Black Magic Rituals And Perversions
8. Saturnine

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