New releases // Feb 21, 2020


Miss Anthropocene

  • Indie exclusive pink vinyl
RELEASE DATE // Feb 21, 2020
12" Album / 4AD / Electronica, Downtempo
Grimes returns to 4AD with Miss Anthropocene, a concept album about a character she described in an instagram post as “the anthropomorphic Goddess of climate Change: A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world.”
Tracklist: 1. So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Algorithm Mix)
2. Darkseid (Grimes & PAN)
3. Delete Forever
4. Violence (Original Mix)
5. 4ÆM
6. New Gods
7. My Name is Dark (Algorithm Mix)
8. You'll miss me when I'm not around
9. Before the fever
10. IDORU (Algorithm Mix)

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