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Guided By Voices

Under The Bushes Under The Stars

  • Newbury Comics exclusive Blue & White Starburst vinyl limited to 500 copies. 2xLP
RELEASE DATE // August 5, 2016
12"Album /Matador /Indie rock
In November 1995, chief Robert Pollard handed in Guided By Voices’ darkest and most obscure record to date. The 60-odd songs the band had recorded in 24-track studios had all been scrapped. Pollard was adamant about releasing a home-taped album "as is, no compromises, man," citing his dissatisfaction with the hi-fi material.

Then he changed his mind and went into a 24-track studio along with Fennell and Sprout and banged out the majority of songs on Under The Bushes in two days. The results were one Guided By Voices’ clearest and most ecstatic album to date. "It took a while to get comfortable recording outside of Tobe’s house. Recording and playing live were always two separate entities. We felt kind of uptight on some of the 24-track stuff we’d done before. We figured out a way to make the two meet, which is to keep the formula of not overrehearsing. But now we can go in and treat it like Tobe’s place."

Album includes a digital download.
Tracklist:DISC 1
1. Man Called Aerodynamics
2. Rhine Jive Click
3. Cut-Out Witch
4. Burning Flag Birthday Suit
5. The Official Ironmen Rally Song
6. To Remake The Young Flyer
7. No Sky
8. Bright Paper Werewolves
9. Lord Of Overstock
10. Your Name Is Wild
11. Ghosts Of A Different Dream
12. Acorns & Orioles
13. Look At Them
14. The Perfect Life
15. Underwater Explosions
16. Atom Eyes
17. Don't Stop Now
18. Office Of Hearts
1. Big Boring Wedding
2. It's Like Soul Man
3. Drag Days
4. Sheetkickers
5. Redmen And Their Wives
6. Take To The Sky

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