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A Round Of Applause

  • Neon Orange vinyl
July 29, 2022
12" Album / Reverberation Appreciation Soc / Rock
The record cherrypicks from an array of genres — pop, girl-group ditties, synth-ish keyboards and funk —but the end result is a cohesive long-player with songs that revolve around the Spanish Inquisition (“Stone Man”); or follow “the legendary Peruvians who run long distances in the Andes Mountains (“The Runner”). “I let my imagination run wild,” Hoover said. Elsewhere on A Round of Applause, the Hooveriii frontman finally recorded a song, “The Pearl,” that he wrote in 2017. “It sounds like a Harry Nilsson jingle like to me, a fantasy song,” he continued. “It's more like a nursery rhyme than a song with an important message. You know, it's just like keeping things fun. … Nilsson didn’t take everything so fucking seriously. We want to avoid that self-seriousness. We're a bunch of goofy musicians.”
  • 1. See
  • 2. My Directive
  • 3. Stone Men
  • 4. Out Of My Time
  • 5. Twisted And Vile
  • 6. Iguana
  • 7. Water Lilly
  • 8. The Runner
  • 9. Time - The Outlaw
  • 10. Cruisin'
  • 11. The Pearl

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