New releases // May 31, 2019

Jr Jr

Invocations / Conversations

  • Clear coke bottle / clear turquoise vinyl (2xLP), limited to 1,000 copies
RELEASE DATE // May 31, 2019
12" Album / Love is EZ / Rock, Indie rock
After three records on Warner Bros., Invocations / Conversations is the debut release on their new label, Love is EZ Records. Invocations was recorded in 2016 with their touring bandmates, Conversations is the followup and second disc to this now double album. Overall, the record is indebted to AM Pop and festival-ready psychedelia — Steely Dan and ELO mixed with MGMT and Ra Ra Riot.

Invocations starts with “Day In, Day Out”, Casio bleeps and bloops and gently strummed guitar with sub-bass flourishes. “Wild Child” starts at a racing BPM, arpeggiated keys and sugary backing vocals.

On Conversations, “Low” is a downtempo shuffler with giddy electronic chords and a kitchen sink chorus (listen for the vocoder, record brake pitchdowns, and cheers), “Big Bear Mountain” is a McCartney-esque piano ballad.
Tracklist: 1. Day In Day Out
2. All Around You
3. Pull You Close
4. Holding On
5. Twice As Hard
6. Wild Child
7. Won't Last Long
8. Too Good To Be True

1. NYC
2. Low
3. Dumb Myself Down
4. Big Bear Mountain
5. Baddreams
6. Young Forever
7. R.I.P. RNR
8. Fade Out

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