New releases // May 31, 2019

Juan Wauters

Introducing Juan Pablo

  • Red vinyl limited to 500 copies
  • Standard black vinyl
  • Vinyl bundle for Introducing Juan Pablo (red vinyl) and La Onda de Juan Pablo (gatefold version, black vinyl)
RELEASE DATE // May 31, 2019
12" Album / Captured Tracks / Folk, Indie rock, World
The pleasure of finding something new in what we already know. The strange face of someone close. The outsider we all carry inside. The unexplored path in our usual location. A secret, a hiding place, a surprise. This is what Juan Pablo brings us. He’s the persona that Juan Wauters embodies to tell another side of his story. Not long ago, Wauters released La Onda de Juan Pablo, an album that allowed him to reinvent himself and start writing a separate chapter in his exciting career. Now, as a companion and as a prequel, he releases Introducing Juan Pablo.
Tracklist: 1. Super Talking
2. Doing Alright
3. Rubia
4. Letter
5. Bolero (Maurice Ravel)
6. Mystery
7. Lonely
8. Mountain
9. Jamie Tortuga
10. El Hombre de la Calle
11. Dos
12. What You Gonna Do?
13. Letter (Feat. Maxine)
14. Crazy Funny (Feat. Maxine)
15. Lora
16. Straighten Up and Lose
17. Saludos

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