New releases // Feb 6, 2017

Lav & Purl

A State Of Becoming

  • Pink vinyl limited to 150 copies. 2xLP
RELEASE DATE // Feb 6, 2017
12" Album / A Strangely Isolated Place / Ambient, Atmospheric
A State Of Becoming began life in the summer of 2014, when Lav (Christopher Landin) was traveling Greece and began recording the sounds surrounding him in remote, desolate places of nature.

With a quiet mind, Christoper's awareness of the surrounding sounds would increase together with a feeling of the interconnectedness of all things. This concept is central to the album, being expressed by the presence of the field recordings, as the foundation from which each track grows and extends. The tiniest detail, chirp, river-swell and sway of a branch, are captured in macro - Mother Nature’s bed, a landscape ready to bloom.

Christopher and Ludvig Cimbrelius (Purl) had only met a couple of times before the process of this album started, but when Christopher sent over the recordings, Ludvig fell in love with their simplicity and presence, and instantly knew he wanted to take them on.

The minutiae of sounds from Christopher’s field recordings are transformed into a variety of expansive lifeforms, as Purl’s majestic addition of piano, carefully measured beats and subtle instruments turn an organic landscape into an ethereal scene of movement and life. With each track given the length and focus it deserves, just like nature itself, the album slowly unfolds in several phases, unrestricted, free flowing and patiently awakening.

Bandcamp edition includes an 8.5"x 5.4" artwork postcard, logo sticker, and Bandcamp download card.
Tracklist: 1. Remembering
2. Beyond Suffering
3. Absorbed In Serenity
4. A State Of Becoming
5. Recollection
6. All Is Breath

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