New releases // Jun 29, 2018

Let's Eat Grandma

I'm All Ears

  • Translucent yellow vinyl.
RELEASE DATE // Jun 29, 2018
12" Album / Transgressive Records / Electronic, Experimental, Pop
Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth are Let's Eat Grandma, and I'm All Ears is the much-anticipated sophomore effort from the British duo. A multicolored, imaginative take on pop, the album brims w/ creativity both on lyrical and production fronts, and it's easy to see why the 11-tracker has been receiving so much critical acclaim. "Hot Pink," co-produced by SOPHIE, is the lead single, and it's a hard-hitting favorite that marries avant pop sensibilities with sparse, syncopated drums and tough sub-bass work. "Falling Into Me" is a futuristic take on disco characterized by kaleidoscopic synth layers and steady four-on-the-floor hits, and "It's Not Just Me" is a straightforward pop-dance jumpoff with an earworm of a hook. "I'll Be Waiting" also stands out, full of emotion and gentle tension that steadily builds up as the song progresses.
Tracklist: 1.Whitewater
2.Hot Pink
3.It's Not Just Me
4.Falling Into Me
5.Snakes & Ladders
6.Missed Call (1)
7.I Will Be Waiting
8.The Cat's Pyjamas
9.Cool & Collected
11.Donnie Darko

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