New releases // Aug 5, 2022

Lilly Hiatt


  • Autographed black & pink vinyl
August 5, 2022
12" Album / New West Records / Folk, World, Country
"Lately is a record I wrote to share some of where I’ve been with you. Whenever songs happen for me, they are like photographs of time. Last year was tough. That’s an understatement for certain. I have always felt lonely, but the irony of that is, I was not alone at all in that space. Everyone had lost something. As a means of keeping sane, I started to write songs. The inspiration was occurring from simple moments. I missed my friends. I missed my family. I felt unified in knowing that I was not on my own in that mentalityI realized that my heart was full of everything I loved and that would carry me forward for the time being. Eventually we would all get back to one another. Now that we are beginning to, I will be thrilled to share and play these songs for you."
  • 1. Simple
  • 2. Been
  • 3. Lately
  • 4. Stop
  • 5. Peach
  • 6. Ride
  • 7. Face
  • 8. Better
  • 9. Gem
  • 10. The Last Tear

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