New releases // Nov 28, 2016


The Everglow

  • "Anything" LP1: rainbow starburst, LP2: purple/yellow/white starburst vinyl limited to 1000 copies.
  • "Suspension" yellow/pink/green starburst vinyl limited to 1000 copies.
  • "Breakdown" LP1: purple marble, LP2: yellow marble vinyl limited to 500 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Nov 28, 2016
12" Album / Spartan Records / Indie rock, Pop punk
Mae's The Everglow is finally returning to vinyl on November 25th. Featuring two LPs, three stunning variants, and a 28 page foil-stamped storybook with an epilogue by the band, this pressing is destined to be as classic as the album itself.

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with a 28 page 12" x 12" foil-stamped storybook.
Tracklist: 1. Prologue
2. We're So Far Away
3. Someone Else's Arms
4. Suspension
5. This Is The Countdown
6. Painless
7. The Ocean
8. Breakdown
9. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
10. Cover Me
11. The Everglow
12. Ready And Waiting To Fall
13. Anything
14. The Sun And The Moon
15. Epilogue

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