New releases // Aug 26, 2016

Magic Trick

Other Man's Blues

  • Orange w/ White vinyl limited to 200 copies.
  • Standard Edition Black vinyl limited to 300 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Aug 26, 2016
12" Album / Empty Cellar Records / Garage rock, Indie rock
Empty Cellar Records is proud to release the newest album by Magic Trick, Other Man’s Blues. This offering from the band finds songwriter, Tim Cohen at a crossroads. It was written and recorded during a year that split his time between two lives, in two worlds. The newer of these worlds was on a horse ranch in the northern Arizona desert where he and his partner spent their first year with their newborn daughter. The other was the music world. The latter took place on the road, on tour with Magic Trick or with the Fresh & Onlys. And in the case of Other Man’s Blues, it took place for one week at Phil Manley’s Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco. (read more)
Tracklist: 1. More
2. Forest of Kates
3. I Held the Ring
4. Scorpio
5. First Thought
6. Mockingbird
7. Eternal Summer
8. Purest Thing
9. Startling Chimes
10. Oysters

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