New releases // Aug 26, 2016

Mark Stoermer

Dark Arts

  • Numbered Trans Green Black Smoke vinyl limited to 516 copies.
  • Signed vinyl bundle limited to 39 copies.
RELEASE DATE // Aug 26, 2016
12" Album / St. August Records / Electronic, Indie rock, Synth pop
The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer releases his second solo album ‘Dark Arts’ on August 5.

The follow-up to Stoermer’s 2011 solo debut ‘Another Life’, the new album was made with David Hopkins, singer with Las Vegas band Bombay Heavy. The two became friends after Stoermer played bass on the band’s self-titled debut EP from 2014.

The album began after Stoermer finished touring The Killers’ album ‘Battle Born’ in 2015, making ‘Dark Arts’ with Hopkins at The Killers’ Las Vegas studio.

Bundle contains:
- Signed Another Life vinyl
- Signed Dark Arts vinyl
- 2 Dark Arts Stickers
Tracklist: 1. Alchemical Formula
2. Drifting Caterpillar
3. Spare the Ones that Weep
4. 39 Steps
5. Avarice/ What’s Coming
6. The Break In
7. Take My Time
8. Blood and Guts (The Anatomy Lesson)
9. Tow the Line
10. Are Your Stars Out?
11. Fingerspitzengefuhl
12. What Was In-between
13. Pretend Song

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