New releases // Feb 22, 2019

Martin Frawley

Undone at 31

  • Limited-edition blue-white marble vinyl
  • Standard black vinyl
RELEASE DATE // Feb 22, 2019
12" Album / Merge / Rock, Alternative
Those familiar with Martin Frawley’s time as co-leader of Twerps will take comfort in hearing his deceptively simple songwriting is still intact, but the big reveal on Undone at 31 is how new instrumentation and influences seamlessly expand Frawley’s playground. It might take several listens for one to realize Frawley is singing “Something About Me” over just violin, Moog, and a Graceland-esque bassline, or to appreciate the PB+J pairing of Fender Rhodes and lap steel on “Where the Heart Is,” which serves as the album’s twist ending. Frawley’s album does not shy away from morbid musings and raw emotions that come with a breakup. Undone at 31’s tunefulness and exploration combined are what elevate the music above the melancholy subject matter.
Tracklist: 1. You Want Me?
2. End of the Bar
3. What's on Your Mind
4. Just Like the Rest
5. Smoke in Your House
6. Chain Reaction
7. You Can't Win
8. Something About Me
9. Lo and Behold
10. Come Home
11. Where the Heart Is

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