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RELEASE DATE // Jun 14, 2019
12" Album / Stones Throw / Electronic, Hip Hop
Dilla's posthumous leaks inspired Mndsgn, and the Stones Throw artist lets us into an arsenal of unreleased tracks from his hard drive. Snaxx is the second iteration of this concept series, with volume 1, Snax, focusing on a slew of remixes. This beat tape features favorites from Mndsng's live/DJ shows such as "Deviled Eggs," and his left-field approach to producing - "one foot in the world of hip-hop" but with heavy psych, boogie, r&b nods - should appeal to fans of Anderson .Paak, Knxwledge, Swarvy and more.
Tracklist: 1. Comethru
2. Spreads
3. Papayaberry
4. Hydration Station
5. Browneez
6. Sumdim
7. Over Ez
8. Deviled Eggs
9. Cashoos
10. Slappppp
11. Chips feat. Jon Bap
12. Unnecessary
13. Snaxx w U feat. Asal Hazel
14. Ggardenn feat. Pink Siifu

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