New releases // Jan 5, 2018


Play (Vinyl Me Please, January 2018 Record of the Month)

  • Translucent turquoise vinyl. 2xLP
RELEASE DATE // Jan 5, 2018
12" Album / Vinyl Me Please / Electronic, Downtempo
Play was an outlier when it was released in 1999; an electronic album made with decades-old vocal samples, a last-ditch attempt by Moby to forge a successful music career. Thanks to licensing deals that put Play in movies and car commercials, it sneakily got more airplay than any electronic album before or since, and because of that, has become the most influential. Electronic music went from being the province of a few obsessives to being a global force thanks to Play's mainstreaming of the genre.

The re-recorded and remastered VMP edition includes 2 x translucent turquoise vinyl, 12x12 original art prints with the artwork from the original 12-inch singles when they came out, classic diecut innersleeves, and embossing on the cover.
Tracklist: 1. Honey
2. Find My Baby
3. Porcelain
4. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
5. South Side
6. Rushing
7. Bodyrock
8. Natural Blues
9. Machete
10. 7
11. Run On
12. Down Slow
13. If Things Were Perfect
14. Everloving
15. Inside
16. Guitar Flute & String
17. The Sky Is Broken
18. My Weakness

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